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Specialist Scientific Editing Services

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With over 20 years experience in research and science writing, I'd love to help you get your research paper published based on scientific merit. Particularly for early-career researchers, and international scientists from non-English speaking backgrounds, a grammatically correct and beautifully polished manuscript can often mean the difference between review and rejection when it first lands on the journal editor's desk. Manuscripts are often returned without review if they don't meet journal format guidelines.

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Proofreading, formatting and polishing of manuscripts for submission to scientific journals. Journal-quality figures can be provided also.



Proofreading and editing of Honours, Masters and PhD theses, scientific books and book chapters, plus student essays and research reports.

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For international scientists with English as a second language.



Grant applications, research proposals, conference presentations, posters, and website content.

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I love proofreading and editing scientific manuscripts – it’s true!

I graduated with First Class Honours in Biology in 1995, and took up a research assistant position with Professor Rick Shine at the University of Sydney. After 23 years managing Rick's lab at the University of Sydney, we transferred to Macquarie University in 2019. As well as being an author on over 20 research papers, I have been involved in the preparation and publication of literally hundreds of Rick's manuscripts in top-ranking international journals.

I also love wildlife. I’m often out at the cliffs with my binoculars and camera looking for whales.

It's my favourite place to get a fix of sun, sea air and spectacular wildlife sightings.​

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Melanie has been working in my lab for over 20 years and has amassed a considerable set of skills as both a research scientist and laboratory manager. As well as publishing papers in her own right, Melanie has been involved in the preparation and publication of hundreds of my manuscripts in top-ranking journals. Melanie not only polishes manuscripts to a very high standard, but also provides useful suggestions to help improve the scientific merit of a paper. Melanie has an incredible eye for detail. She is diligent, efficient, and above all, she absolutely loves what she does and takes great pride in her work.

Emeritus Professor Rick Shine, University of Sydney

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I was very impressed with Melanie's editing. She did a great job resolving redundancies, making the English sound more academic, and including several edits that improved the paper academically. Overall, Melanie did a beautiful job on the edit. It was a pleasure to read.

Paula Chambers, Senior Quality Controller at

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I'm a Brazilian PhD student, and even though I have good English knowledge, some of the finer nuances of the language are lost to me. On top of that, I don't have much experience with the process of formatting manuscripts and checking all of the specifications and requirements. Mel has years of experience, not only with the journal submission process, but also with international students. She's greatly patient and attentive to details, and made my work go from a shabby manuscript to a polished scientific paper. I'd highly recommend Mel’s editing services to international students and scientists.

Georgia Kosmala, PhD student, University of Sydney

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I've had the pleasure of working with Mel for the last 8 years, and can attest to the fact that Mel's talent in preparing manuscripts for publication is second to none. Mel has phenomenal editing skills, an extremely keen eye for proofreading and offers constructive suggestions to improve the academic merit of manuscripts. Mel takes great pride in her work and is excellent at time management; manuscripts are always returned in a timely manner, formatted (as per exact guidelines of the respective journal) and transformed into a beautifully polished piece! In short, Mel is highly capable and an absolute delight to work with. She makes this aspect of science seamless and I would not hesitate to recommend her professional services to students and academics alike.

Dr. Georgia Ward-Fear, University of Sydney

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Throughout my PhD, Mel was immensely helpful in the production of my thesis. For each chapter she assisted me with the manuscript editing, proofreading and submission process. I would describe her work as thorough, meticulous, and timely, and would highly recommend her services for anyone looking to publish academic papers.

Dr. Cameron Hudson, University of Sydney

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Mel has an incredible eye for detail and is nothing short of a perfectionist. From proofreading to formatting and creating figures – it is unheard of that a manuscript has not been improved in quality after Mel has edited it.

Dr. Matthew Greenlees, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Sydney

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Mel assisted me during Honours with the production of my thesis and preparation of journal manuscripts. I was extremely impressed by the thoroughness and quality of Mel's work. Thanks to Mel I submitted my thesis and manuscripts with complete confidence, and I could not be happier with the final results. I will undoubtedly be calling again on Mel for proofreading and formatting my PhD thesis and preparing future academic papers.

Lachlan Pettit, PhD student, University of Sydney

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Melanie’s attention to detail is remarkable. In a competitive commercial environment small errors reflect poorly on any business. Melanie’s ability to identify (and expertly fix) such errors is a significant talent that adds immense value to the work done by time-poor consultants and academics. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone who needs to prepare, write, and format an important document longer than 100 words!

Dr. Daniel Natusch, Director, Resource Evaluation and Development Pty Ltd.


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